Anchor Steam Beer: What is This Stuff?

I’ve been enjoying a local San Francisco beer the past few days – Anchor Steam Beer – and it’s really treating me right.

It’s great in the daytime: The 5% alcohol content does not make me sleepy and it goes down easy – no full-belly feeling.

I’ve seen Anchor Steam a lot since moving West – it’s definitely on tap throughout California – but this is the first time I’ve gotten involved.

Good news for Americanos: It’s widely available anywhere in the States.

I’m still having a hard time understanding exactly what type of beer Anchor Steam is, though. I think “steam beer” is as specific as we’re going to get.

From Anchor’s website:

Anchor Steam derives its unusual name from the 19th century when “steam” seems to have been a nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast of America under primitive conditions and without ice.

The brewing methods of those days are a mystery and, although there are many theories, no one can say with certainty why the word “steam” came to be associated with beer.

For many decades Anchor alone has used this quaint name for its unique beer. In modern times, “Steam” has become a trademark of Anchor Brewing.


A rose by any other name – give it a go when you come across it.


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