Cali's #1 Disc Golf Course No Walk in the Park

Yesterday we played Coyote Point, the #1 rated disc golf course in California at Lake Casitas (Ojai, CA).

The crew and I used to play frolf (Frisbee golf) a lot more in college, but now that all of our shoulders are shot from years and years of volleyball, we felt a little undermatched out there.

The course is beautiful and has calming views of the lake – yet it is very difficult for a few reasons:

The holes are long and far from straight – this is by no means a beginner’s course. One hole was over 500 feet.

The course is a hike in itself with all the elevation changes – which we enjoyed – but it was very hot (in the 90s) and the landscape is nothing but dry brush. There are spots of shade every couple holes where you can rest, though. Bring water, or whatever.

It is almost as if they want you to get lost – the course is not intuitive to follow and is poorly marked. Make sure you grab a map from the booth at the first hole.

All that said, don’t be scared. While a confusing course is inconvenient, I’ve found it is actually quite common for many disc golf courses (lack of funding is my guess). It is free to play, but $15 to enter Lake Casitas Rec Area.

We did not camp, but it seems like we decided it will no doubt be a future adventure. Seinfeld fans will understand when I say Lake Casitas is bizarro Lake Cachuma.

Here are some photos (click here to go to the gallery):

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