Gaviota Gamble: Cloudy Once Again at the Top

This morning, I met up with my friend Kate who is traveling through California with her husband. It was inspiring to me – they flew into LAX and rented a car and have set out on a three-week adventure on the west coast (rock on, guys).

We had breakfast at Sambo’s downtown on Cabrillo Blvd. It’s a beautiful location across from West Beach, and I had heard good things about it – but to be honest I tried the Huevos Rancheros and I sort of feel like complete crap now.

Tasty food is nice, but it’s also nice to feel comfortable after. Best brunch in Santa Barbara is still the Fishouse for me. Kate tried the Crab Cake Benedict at Sambo’s this morning, and it looked like a child’s dish (small cakes, mediocre presentation) compared to the version served at the Fishouse (not to mention you can get two drinks and an entree for $16 at Fishouse).

Anyway, I’m back in the lab now – it feels great. Although I had been struggling with my fiction, I’m officially back. Last week I wrote a short story: 8 lines, 48 words. Hell yeah – iceberg (theory) straight ahead! (To be released next week after the Vegas trip.)

All right, let’s backtrack a tad:

Last Wednesday, I tried for the second time to check out the view from the top of Gaviota Peak, yet once again I was met with disappointment.

It looked like the clouds were going to break – I saw blue sky – but the end of the road was not drenched in sunlight. It’s frustrating to get to the top without a prize to claim – it’s a seven-mile hike – extremely uphill with very few breaks in the climb. Going down is awful – you either stride out or fight gravity the entire way (I stride out).

It didn’t ruin the day, though. Before I went off solo to make the climb to the top, I showed some friends the hot springs at the bottom of the trail. It’s a short yet steep half-mile hike, but you get to relax your muscles in the warm water under the palms. FYI ladies – take off your jewerly before entering – my friend had her ring ruined.

Turns out, the trails in Gaviota have a lot to offer – including a possible mountain lion sighting – and it’s only a half-hour drive from Santa Barbara.

Here are some pictures:

Where the ocean should be!

Cool looking (albiet annoying) clouds.
My friends in the hot springs.

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