Hendry's Beach Dazzles with Stunning Sunset

While a lot of people in this country were preparing for a rain storm on Friday, we decided to hit the beach for the sunset.

I know that sounds like I’m being a prick, but settle down – it was cloudy here all day, too – yet as the afternoon went on you could see them start to break apart and stagger their elevations. Clear skies are great for sunsets, although as you’ll see the clouds (so long as they’re not too thick) really change the lighting.

Hendry’s (also called Arroyo Burro Beach) is a good spot for a walk or to hang with a group. You are technically not permitted to have fires there (or anywhere in Santa Barbara), but FYI there are some really cool spots to set one up if you are feeling lucky. I saw two groups enjoying the spots tucked in against the cliffs, the light from the fire reflecting off the rocks.

I’m certain it’s a hefty fine if you get caught (my friend was fined a couple hundred dollars for throwing a cigarette out the window), so be sure to keep it brief and hang in a large group (and of course clean up after yourself) if you decide to light up.


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