Wake and Wander Dives Head First into Exuma

Today has been a busy day, for sure.

We made it about halfway to Exuma from Nassau (one-hour flight) before we had to turn back because of a warning light.

A short delay and plane change resulted in landing on Exuma about an hour behind schedule, but man did we make up for lost time.

So far today I:

Checked into the Palm Bay Beach Club. No high rise here – it’s a bunch of small cottages and huts (I will show you more tomorrow).

Ate breakfast in the shade at Peace & Plenty with an incredible view of the water.

Drove a minivan in the Bahamas – stay left!

Hung out on Tropic of Cancer Beach – located right on the Tropic of Cancer (duh).

Drank Kalik and ate deep-fried lobster with onion and rice and peas at Santana’s Restaurant (best lobster I’ve ever had – seriously).

Dove/Jumped off the Ferry Bridge (twice), which connects Grand Exuma and Little Exuma.

Took a ferry ride to Stocking Island and snorkeled briefly in a blue hole.

Drank Sands (another local beer) and watched the sunset at Chat and Chill (what a great name for a bar, yeah?)

FYI it is only 6 p.m. – that’s quite a day.

I’d love to spill the beans on these adventures – all highly accessible and relatively inexpensive – but I honestly do not have the time currently. It’s time to clean up and head to dinner, enjoy the warm evening (I can see the moon rising from my desk, which I moved in front of the window).

Tomorrow we will cruise down the coast and check out the swimming pigs. Apparently, they swim right up to you when they hear the boat engine.

We will also do some snorkeling and – something I’ve always wanted to do – swim with sharks.

Let’s just hope the pigs don’t follow us into the shark pen – that could get interesting.

Breakfast at Peace & Plenty

Yours truly on Tropic of Cancer Beach.
View from Tropic of Cancer Beach.
Lobster at Santana's.
Hanging at Santana's.
Preparing to jump off the Ferry Bridge.
Chat and Chill.
View from the bar at Chat and Chill.
Hanging for the sunset at Chat and Chill.
Sunset from Chat and Chill.

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