Introduction to Nassau: Extra-Strength Beer and Guava Duff

As I mentioned it was a long day of travel yesterday – from sunrise till long after sunset – yet I suppose those photos were worth it all.

Sunrise over Santa Barbara.

It’s not abnormal for me to fly out of Santa Barbara early in the morning, although I have never been the benefactor of such perfect timing.

I know I complain about the time change and the lack of daylight in the evening, but perhaps I should be thankful, in this case, for an early sunrise.

When I was in Georgia I tried alligator for the first time – and I’ve long been a fan of indulging in the local flair. Tonight at the Poop Deck in Sandyport I drank Kalik Gold, ate fried conch and grilled grouper for dinner and enjoyed a tasting of Guava Duff for dessert.

Let’s forget about the unappetizing restaurant name for a few – first things first: The booze.

It’s from the makers of Heineken and Guinness, and it comes in four flavors: Lime (4% alcohol), Light (4%), Regular (5%), and Extra Strength Kalik Gold (7%).

It’s seriously called and labeled “Extra Strength” – that was probably the first thing I liked about it. I was impressed -most beers with that heavy an alcohol content are dark, winter beers.

Finally, a beer with backing that drinks like a lager – it would be fantastic in a cooler full of ice on a summer afternoon.

More research to be done, stay tuned. I need more time on the conch, too – fried stuff always tastes good.

I should have some fresh conch today as we explore the island – I’ll let you know – but I must say that Guava Duff was rather interesting. It’s not the most beautiful dish in the world – it sort of looks like (and is) bread covered in sauce.

Think bread pudding/french toast/pancakes with a sweet sauce. Apparently it’s a local favorite and a staple of Nassau – you should try to make it at home.

Overall the Poop Deck was an enjoyable stop – I dig the boating reference and felt really comfortable, the light-blue walls oozing a Caribbean vibe. After dinner, we walked out on the patio and crossed over onto the beach, watching the clouds zip across the sky in front of the bright moon, its light beaming down on the ocean. There’s nothing like a strong breeze that doesn’t make you chilly – it was absolutely perfect weather.

A few photos of the view from my room and the Guava Duff:

Guava Duff Dessert.

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