Telegraph Brewery Tasting

On Thursdays from 4 to 6 pm,
Fridays from 4 to 8 pm, and on Saturdays from 2 to 6 pm, Telegraph Brewing Company graces us with their presence and opens its doors for tasting.

All right, that was a little sarcastic, but come on, it’s a curious place. The tasting room is essentially in a warehouse.

And yeah, the metallic-looking brew containers are neat to be around, but I don’t understand why that experience must come at the expense of basic comfort.

There is extremely limited seating, and if the weather is at all chilly in Santa Barbara (gasp), you’ve got the cold air coming through the open garage-style door.

That all said, the place is a good time and the beer is solid – I’m just saying, I wish they would entice me to stay longer.

We arrived early and took the four seats at the five-to-six-foot bar. This allowed us to have an experience similar to wine tasting, the friendly staff bringing us each round and explaining the differences in the brewing process.

The group consensus was that the California Ale was probably the best of the beers, and we had no problems finishing the two growlers we took home. My friend said it reminded him of Yuengling Lager, but I didn’t think so. I found it more flavorful but less drinkable than Yuengling, if that makes sense.

I asked brewer Paul Rey about the development of the brewery, most significantly why they hadn’t opened their own restaurant/brew pub, and he said it simply wasn’t their focus.

It’s too bad – I don’t think anyone would complain if Telegraph opened a brew pub on State Street.

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