Alternative Career: Super Smeller

I had an awfully nice time last night in Detroit at the Fillmore Theater.

I saw a lot of things that made me sad, but I did catch a glimpse of hope.

That’s for later, though.

Remember when I said I wish they would invent a device to capture and pass on a smell?

Well, Ford would probably be interested in something similar.

It’s sort of funny – as consumers we often joke around about the “new car smell,” but Ford actually puts together a team of “super smellers” to test the odors of parts, adhesives, engines, seats, etc.

The goal is to minimize intrusive/offensive odors.

I asked the man, “Why don’t you just hang an air freshener from the mirror?”

He thought I was kidding, but I think I saved Ford thousands of dollars.

Also adding to the humor: consider the fact that a corporation of Ford’s size and prestige – with all this technology – still does it the old-fashioned way.

A car part inside a jar, awaiting the nose of a super smeller.

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