Eagle Island Feast: Catching Crabs and a Seafood Boil

We took a pot from the kitchen and headed down to the dock where the crab traps had been set.

Captain Andy Hill (the owner of Eagle Island) had already planned a low country seafood boil of potatoes, onions, carrots, corn, sausage, and shrimp – but with the traps and bait readily available (supplied to all guests by Andy), we figured a bit of crab would be a nice addition to the concoction.

Adding the crabs to the boil.

It was a pleasant evening and the water in the river was ripping downstream, and we pulled the two traps against the current and hoisted them up onto the wooden dock.

Our bounty: Ten blue crabs.

I was a little skeptical about doing the dirty work that needed to be done (I was a vegetarian for five years, 2004-2009) – and I can’t say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience – but it was important for me to do it myself, to understand the reality of what happens on a much larger scale every single day.

We had quite a feast – that’s for sure – and we drank chilled white wine in front of the fire after dinner, chatting and relaxing.

I am very pensive today – I have a truly incredible room in the loft of the lodge with a desk that faces a window across the way, providing a view of the Darien River. This morning before breakfast, we lit a fire and I walked out onto the wrap-around deck, feeling my bare feet on the wooden planks, sipping my coffee and staring out upon the Georgia landscape.

Taking it slow today: I will probably wander around the property (10 acres), toss a line in the water, maybe go kayaking on the river.

Wake and Wander could certainly get used to life in the wilderness. I’ve got to be honest: The idea of taking a boat to the grocery store makes me smile.

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Captain Andy preparing the low country boil.

We caught some crabs!
Yours truly cleaning the crabs.
Adding the crabs to the boil.
The finished product - low country seafood boil.
View from the loft at Eagle Lodge.
Desk in the loft (my lab).

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