Vegas Photos: Long Day Ends With a Bright Night

I’ve got to be honest: The beds here at Aria are absolutely amazing – the type where you get in and slowly feel yourself “going under.”  I can’t remember the last time I slept this late (10:30).

And no, I wasn’t up all night – I actually turned in at a reasonable 1 a.m. after a really enjoyable dinner at Andre’s in the Monte Carlo (right next to Aria… we can see it from our hotel).

Full story to come next week, but we ate duck, chicken, salmon, french onion soup and risotto – all cooked perfectly, the chicken especially – and we drank Pernod and port after the meal. Despite all the noise going on in the casino, when they closed the doors to the dining room it felt like we had escaped the strip.

After dinner we went and did some gambling at Casino Royale. It was a fun (yet small) atmosphere – a more casual crowd – and it was really fun to watch my friends at the craps table, cheering and throwing high-fives to the other players.

I lost twenty bucks in about a half hour, but I did get one free drink out of it. That’s always been my problem – making my money last long enough at the table to have a good time.

Now I am going to get cleaned up and get some food. Not sure what the day will bring – probably the pool scene since it’s so hot – but tonight we are going to see Zumanity at New York New York.

Here are some photos. It’s so crazy here – there’s so much noise – but the pictures filter all that out and give you the straight beauty of these grand hotels:

View from our room.
View from our room.
The water show at the Bellagio.
The strip!
Paris Las Vegas.

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