Cabo Adventures: Snorkeling Provides More Than Sunburn

On Saturday, we left the Barcelo propery in San Jose del Cabo and drove to San Lucas.

It’s about a half-hour drive and a completely different scene – and I’ll tell you all about it in an upcoming feature. We went to explore, but we also went to snorkel.

Cabo Adventures treated us like kings and our guide, Beth, stirred something in me – a feeling I’ve felt before.

I can remember being young and visiting islands in the Caribbean and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people in the tourism industry. It made so much sense to me, that sort of life, and I wondered why everyone didn’t live that way – I wondered why most people chose to limit themselves by allowing their hobbies to only be hobbies, not the focus.

I sat on the top deck of the boat, watching the beautiful coastline go by and feeling my hair blowing in the wind. I asked her, “What’s your life like?”

We talked about longboarding, scuba diving, whale attacks, snorkeling, where she was headed next.

She said she didn’t know, but that it would be more of the same – the sun and the sand and the water over office life, politics, and day trading.

Standing applause, Beth. Cheers, and best of luck. Always nice to meet a fellow wanderer.

When my traveling days slow down, I just might follow in your footsteps and get myself a similar gig.

Check out these photos (I will have more tomorrow) – they say more about the day than I ever could. Credit to Cabo Adventures, who took most of the pictures for us. Two of the photos are by Megan Eileen McDonough, a New York-based travel writer and founder of Bohemian Trails. Head on over and take a look at her site.

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