Los Cabos Barcelo: Oasis in the 'Desert'

The sweat started to pour down my face as I walked along the beach in front of the Los Cabos Barcelo.

There was a little rain in the area when I flew in this afternoon, but that quickly blew out to sea and the 90-degree temperature began to burn my back (according to my driver it only rains here a few times a year… guess I’m good luck).

It’s not only the heat that gives the place a desert feel – the sprawling, dry countryside and the brown mountainsides and arid vegetation really reinforce the idea.

In a word, everything looks sandy. And because the Pacific is a dark-blue color (as opposed to Caribbean teal green), the main pool shines like a beacon – the light-blue bottom standing out from the scenery around it.

I’m going to wander around and take some photos – then I’m headed for a martini and a meal at the on-site French Restaurant, Bon Vivant.

The Internet is painfully slow here, so I was only able to upload two pictures (more to come):

Drive from airport to Barcelo.
View from my room.

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