So Long Chicago, Hello Sunshine in Cali

On the plane from Phoenix to Santa Barbara the pilot said the weather was in the 50s or something, but when I stepped off the plane I had to fish for my sunglasses and ditch my hoodie.

Good to see the palm trees again.

Time to relax for a bit.

I must say, if I didn’t get to come back to Santa Barbara after my trips, I’d never be able to stay in this business long term.  I have been exploring some awfully nice places, and there is absolutely no way I would be able to dodge severe depression if I was not fortunate enough to return to a paradise in its own right.

My buddy Matt is coming to town on Wednesday evening and my only hope is that he does not suffer the same fate my mother and sister did on their visit – five straight days of rain in a town that basically has the chance to burn to the ground every year due to droughts.

No worries, man – Lolita isn’t scared of the rain (although I am).

Siesta in the sun.

Great, great time in Chicago, especially the final night when Sean and his friends showed me the local side of the neighborhoods and contributed to some great conversation.  Cheers buddy.  You have done well for yourself.

Coming up this week: More Chicago and discussion of Santa Barbara’s Telegraph Brewing Company and Alcazar on the Mesa, and of course skydiving in Lompoc on Saturday.

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