Technology Accidentally Pleases Me

I was as surprised as anyone about my reaction to the news that the iPhone has been tracking the locations of its users.

“Shocker” was the word I initially muttered when I read the headline, but like a good little open-minded writer who thrives on procrastination, I read through the article.

Turns out none of the information is stored with Apple, it is only transferred to your home computer when you connect to it (that’s the story, anyway).

Regardless of whether or not Big Brother is watching our every move, there is one pretty interesting thing to come from this discovery: If you’ve had an iPhone for a few years, you have a ton of your life and travels documented (there is an application that allows you to access the stored information).

Your everyday Mr. Jones is most likely not going to spend much time documenting his life – pictures seem as far as people go these days.

I think it would be awfully nice to take some time and go through that information, find out the exactly where I was on April 20, two-thousand whenever (I have a few guesses).

And if you are a frequent traveler, looking back at the dates and locations and remembering your thoughts might be a worthwhile experience.

I am sure there will be a time when I have no choice but to purchase a smart phone – at some point my brick will be obsolete and discontinued – however that time is not now.

Despite this find of accidental biography, I’m still holding out as long as possible.

Until then I guess I’ll just have to jot down my memories.


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