Sunday Morning Brunch: SB Fishouse Impresses

The one thing that bothers me about Sunday brunch is that there is always the chance it derails my day – the mid-morning satisfaction/champagne buzz has the tendency to make even the most active of souls crave the couch.

Perhaps I’m not taking enough responsibility – I could certainly stick to coffee and water and decide not to butter the toast.

But the whole concept of a Sunday brunch is to gather with friends and push off the impending Monday blues, and in my book a cocktail goes a long way towards that goal.

The people at the Fishouse seem to agree, however they think we should go one step further and have two.

I was not going to argue as the waitress presented us with our menus and explained that all entrees cost $14.95 and come with two drinks (coffee, juice, bloody mary, mimosa or poinsettia).

I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict at the waitress’ recommendation (I’m a sucker for recommendations), along with a mimosa and a poinsettia (champagne and cranberry).

Funny image – five men drink a pink poinsettia while the only female at the table drinks a mimosa.

The Crab Cake Benedict was delicious –  no dry filler – lots of fresh crab and the yoke of the poached egg made a nice dipping sauce.  Crab is sort of an unusual thing to have for breakfast, and I found it impressive that they were able to pull it off and make it work so well. It made me wish I would have tried the crab cakes last time I ate at the Fishouse.

Arts & Crafts Show on Cabrillo Blvd.

After the meal I felt satisfied and the champagne had gone to my head a bit.  While it seemed to be the exact situation I was hoping to avoid, walking out into the sunshine and seeing the Art & Crafts Show and all the local artists showcasing their work (held on Sundays most of the year) right on the other side of the street made it easy to carry on with the day.

That’s one of the main other things I appreciated – the location on Cabrillo Blvd. gives the Fishouse an edge over a lot of other places in town.  A Sunday brunch can easily turn into a nice afternoon as the beach, harbor and State Street are all within a short walk.

I decided on a sail, which led to some rum drinks and a barbecue, which led to the looming Monday blues being the last thing on my mind.

Celebrities on Cabrillo Blvd. in downtown Santa Barbara.

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