Travel Photo Section Coming Along

I have been working diligently (ha!) on organizing my photos in the new Travel Photos page.

I will admit I am not the best photographer in the world.

Honestly, the picture taking aspect of travel is something that’s always bothered me, something I’ve always struggled with.

I love having the pictures when I get home, but I really don’t like taking them.

There’s nothing worse than a person who is more concerned about documenting an experience than they are with living it – and I know that’s a bit unfair, but that’s how I feel at times.

Taking pictures of food that I am about to eat is probably my least favorite, and up until recently I had strict rules against it.

Zip-lining in Puerto Rico (Photo by Kent St. John)

I don’t know.  I truly believe that when people around you see you documenting everything, they tend to start treating you like someone who is from out of town (doesn’t necessarily mean they treat you badly, but it’s toxic to me all the same).

Plus, the world through a viewfinder is always different than the world as it is.  Sure, you see the sights – but do you smell the air, hear the sounds?

This all changes the experience, for sure.

I guess with everything in life, I must learn to strike some sort of balance.

When I was zip-lining in Puerto Rico, I was asked multiple times why I didn’t have my camera ready, why I wasn’t concerned about taking a video (that story should be up soon, FYI).

Same with skydiving.

I told them, “It’s all up here,” and I pointed to my temple.

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