Rough Day at the Office

I have had a tough day at the helm here, nothing I scribble seems to be coherent or relevant in the least.

I did accomplish some scheduling this morning, however, and I am pretty excited about the rest of May and the beginning of June.

I am antsy to get back on the road. It seems to beckon, no?

The big things are the “survival” camping trip to the Channel Islands (May 20-22, and we decided to bring the video camera) and the Wine, Waves, and Beyond festival (June 2-5).

I will also be visiting the Firestone Brewery at some point, but a date has not yet been set (possibly one of June 3-5).

I’ll be active in Santa Barbara, too, and later this month my mother is coming out for a visit.

And I still have a bunch of places I’ve been that I need to write about (Cafe Marmalade in Santa Monica coming soon?).

Today I’ve vacuumed the living room, cleaned my room, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the coffee tables, did the dishes, watered the plants and front lawn, worked out, walked to the grocery store, talked to a friend on the phone, and cleaned up a trash mess that the raccoons made last night.

Sounds like someone is procrastinating.


  1. Oh hell yeah! You are going to make someone a real nice wife one day!!! Just Kidding! I appreciate it man! Good Work!

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