Light, Lingering Lunch at Wine Bistro

The coffee served in the lobby of the West Beach Inn is not very good.

I am drinking it, but I am not happy.

I can never wrap my head around these things – who is tasting it and thinking the guests will enjoy it?

The mysteries of life – they drive me wild.

Anyway, we had quite a barbecue feast last night – baby back ribs (literally amazing, better than these), grilled salmon and London broil.

Nice work, Madre.

Earlier in the day, she had been shopping and stopped in at Wine Bistro on lower State Street for a salad and a glass of wine. After I got off work, I pulled up a chair and joined her and had a glass of wine myself.

They have a huge selection of wine but I ordered what she was already drinking – Santa Barbara Winery Sauvignon Blanc.  We were sitting outside and the sun was very comforting (I feel like I say that about every dining experience in Santa Barbara… Hey, the truth is the truth).  We watched the people walk up and down the beautiful, active street.

Those conditions made the wine taste good but the price tag ($9) was a bit steep for what I felt I was getting.  That said – during happy hour the price went from $9 to $5 – jump on it.

Roasted Beet and Farro Salad. Photo courtesy of Wine Bistro.

My mother had the remains of the Roasted Beet and Farro Salad in front of her and I dug in – arugula, goat cheese, beets, farro, onion and sherry vinaigrette.

The farro and goat cheese gave it a nice texture and added some substance, satisfying my hunger but maintaining the light and fresh appeal of a salad.

I’ve eaten dinner at Wine Bistro before – a long time ago – and I definitely want to go try it again after yesterday.

I’m just not sure how I’d pass up the happy hour.

Perhaps one will lead to the other.


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