Details Emerge for Lake Cachuma Sailing, Fishing, and Camping

I will get two to three days off this weekend as I venture beyond the grasp of the Internet to Lake Cachuma – a camping/recreational area just north of Santa Barbara over the mountains (40 minutes).

Our campsite on the Channel Islands.

Unlike the Channel Islands’ adventure, we will have a car and general store nearby and a fire ring to entertain us at night.

During the day, sailing, fishing, hiking and relaxing will be the priorities (I am bringing Lolita, Parker is bringing Falling Senior).

The plan is to arrive as early as possible on Friday (could be morning, could be late afternoon) and stay until sometime Sunday afternoon/evening.

I guess technically we could drive somewhere for dinner, but I’ll probably bring my own food.

There is something about eating out and camping that doesn’t mix.


  1. Well I think this time I will leave the Clif bars behind and bring some weiners (no pun intended for Rep. Weiner) and cook them over a nice fire. Heck, I may even buy supplies to make smores?

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