Fillmore Theater A Diamond in the Rough (Detroit)

Sometimes my openness about my observations is misunderstood.

For example, we were sitting at a high-top table at the Fillmore Theater, drinking Grey Goose and listening to the band.

I commented about how lovely I thought a woman was, how I thought her personality was dynamite, how her attitude was rock star.

And then my new friend said to me, “Yeah, she’s engaged though.”

I immediately thought of my short story The Ring, and then I told him politely to go to hell and smiled.

“Hey man,” I told him, “It’s an observation, not a call to action, for Christ’s sake.”

The Fillmore Theater is beautiful, FYI, but I love old theaters – the detailed and colorful walls, the red carpets, the history that you can feel pouring from the stage.  Most of all, though, I like the way they set up the theater last night.  I sat at a high-top table with my back to the railing with some good people, and we had a great time, as if we had been friends for years.

That’s probably the most valuable thing I took home with me from Detroit – new friends to visit when I travel.  Max mentioned this concept a few weeks ago, and I could not agree more.

That said, you’d be surprised how many people sit in the corner, keep to themselves.

To each their own, but I truly feel bad for the day they realize all they’ve missed out on – and I’ll take the heat for a misunderstood comment any day over that unfortunate scene.

Speaking of missing out on things, here’s a prime example to illustrate why technology bothers me.

Sure, the band wasn’t amazing, but it still annoys me when people excessively use their phones at the table.

And, according to Joel Garreau, who gave the keynote speech this morning at Ford’s testing facility, it’s only going to get worse.

Head and the Heart

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