Beach Day: Rock-Star Weather in Los Angeles

I am still thinking about what a fantastic experience I had at CHAYA last night in downtown L.A.

I’m pretty sure we tried just about everything they had to offer on the Beer Garden menu, and it all went down rather easily.

Downtown Los Angeles

It deserves a proper write up – which I was planning on doing this morning, but it’s really challenging to focus and write when your friends are brewing coffee, reminiscing about the previous night (I’ll post it Monday).

In a few minutes, we are heading over to Dockweiler Beach to claim our spot for tonight’s festivities.

My friends recently moved and have decided to host their housewarming party on the beach: ice-cold beer under the sun, followed by a celebration under the stars on the only beach in the area where they have fire rings and you can bonfire without being bothered.

I thought I’d be able to get up early this morning, write for a few hours, then meet up with my friends in the afternoon, but the sight of the sun and the smell of sunscreen has proved to be quite the distraction.


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