Another Tough Day at the Office

I was trying not to get frustrated yesterday when I wandered outside.

It was beautiful – mid 70s with a warm sun – the wind occasionally cooling you off.

I went over and sat in a chair beside the fire pit, just out of the shade of the peach tree.  I looked up and watched the palms waving in the wind.  The cat came over and laid down under the bench to my right, and the sunlight went through the gaps in the wood and formed stripes on his fur.

I was looking at the trees and hearing the birds and as the sun warmed me I thought about getting a drink, then realized I didn’t have any soda for a highball, and it was too early to start drinking it straight (I was hoping to get in some exercise later).

I checked the cabinets just to make sure, but no, there was no soda.

The situation brought me back to last July after I left Enterprise.  I was watching my funds pretty carefully then, and so I decided that instead of spending extra money I would drink the “stragglers” in the liquor cabinet, and I ended up with a bottle of bad tequila and a 2-liter of Ginger Ale.

If you put salt around the rim of the glass and add some ice and squeeze an orange, a tequila and Ginger Ale isn’t as bad as it sounds (although I wouldn’t recommend it for the Friday night crew).

FYI I am totally aware of how all this sounds.

But I was not feeling creative and, exercise in mind, I had nothing better to do yesterday than think about how awful it is when I can’t write – I sit around all day waiting for something to happen.  There’s no on or off switch, only waiting.

The plus side of things is that when I can’t write, I accomplish a lot of other things.

I didn’t exercise after all, though – instead I took to the hammock and finished up book two of the Hunger Games.

My sister was adamant that I read them.  I dig the concept of the story – and at times the storytelling is nicely approached – but at the same time I find myself liking the concept much more than the writing.  I was truly disappointed by the ending of book two, Catching Fire.  (Granted, the intended audience is younger than I).

Things are going better this morning, though.  Stories on CHAYA and Santa Monica coming soon.

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