Calendar Tab Update: San Diego Up Next

Thanks to the hard work of our webmaster, Joe, the calendar tab is functioning once again.

A bit of an update on my schedule – always subject to change:

Up Next: San Diego

I’ll be hanging out in Santa Barbara for the next two weeks, catching up on some writing and enjoying my town (many write-ups coming).

The weekend of July 15th I head to San Diego.  More details coming, but I’ll be covering the San Diego Brew Fest on Sunday, July 17th.

Check out the list of breweries – some of my favorites will be there – Kona, Firestone, Duvel, Kronenbourg.

I return to Santa Barbara on Monday, July 18th, and then leave for the East Coast on Thursday, July 21st, til Tuesday, August 2nd (New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York… busy trip!).

Saturday, August 6th: Skydiving, Round 2.

Potential Vegas trip the weekend of August 19th, then a camping trip up to Big Sur at the end of August.

I can’t look past August as of right now, but I did find out recently that I may have the opportunity to go to Germany for a few weeks this fall.


  1. I want to – I’ve never been to Vegas in the summer when it’s hot enough to utilize the pools. But I can’t truly think about August yet.

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