Video: 'Horsing' Around at Goleta Beach

Ha, what an awful headline – but we did have a crazy encounter with a horse at Goleta Beach yesterday afternoon.

A woman was randomly walking four horses by herself.

I asked her why and she told me, “Because they are a family.”

“All right.”

Predictably, one got loose and started having a semi freak out.  This woman was clearly not worried about one of the horses kicking someone in the face (which was strange, given all the kids around).

We had an amazing Friday evening, though. We did some skimboarding (video coming later), swimming, and unwinding at the end of what was a taxing week for some of my friends.

Last night after the beach, I tried the Allagash Black – the counterpoint to the Allagash White that I compared to Matilda in Chicago. I recognize it might not have been the best time to try it – since it’s traditionally a winter beer and last night was a warm night.

Keeping that in mind, I still have to say it didn’t impress me.  It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t do a lot of talking, either.

I am off to check out Lake Casitas – here are some photos of Goleta Beach:


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