Wake and Wander to a Nude Beach?

I had just licked the finger I used to stir my drink when my friend told me he might check out a nude beach when he goes to Seattle and Vancouver.

He asked me, “What do you think?”

I was coming up with something clever to say involving nude beaches when I realized that’s the problem: our attitude towards them.

Regardless of how swallowed up you are by religion or society or the nine-to-five-shirt-and-tie grind, you have to admit there is something peculiar about the way our society views nudity – the way we are offended if our children catch a glimpse of a body part on television.

But I get it – that’s the way things are, so I’ll save you the liberal spiel.

Most discussions I have about nude beaches taper off rather quickly – either to a land of immaturity or a ground covered with eggshells, depending on who I’m speaking with.

There’s a lot going on with the concept – from fear of judgement to getting an awfully nasty sunburn.

For me, it’s not about any of that.

Straight honesty: I’m waiting patiently for the opportunity.

I suppose I could go to the nude beach in Santa Barbara (More Mesa) – but I’m not sure that will quench the thirst entirely.

I’m interested in these places because they represent a sub-culture in a sense – an experience most people haven’t had – and I want to know what it’s like.

Parading around Santa Barbara without clothes on won’t satisfy anything – I’ll probably end up feeling isolated rather than part of a lifestyle.

My perfect situation: Visit a nude beach in a culture that embraces it – not one that makes it out to be some huge deal.

As for the company?

I wouldn’t say I’m totally against going with friends, so long as they don’t ask me to help them with their sunscreen.

I think we can all agree, though, that a significant other would be the way to go in terms of company.



  1. I will admit, going to a nude beach seems like a crazy idea, but I can’t help but to feel that society has instilled the idea, “Nudity is Bad,” is the reason why I think it seems like a crazy idea. My friend Rochelle said, “Wreck beach was mad fun yesterday. Yaaaaay for nude beaches and being able to get an even tan.”

    How could I not want to go? Being naked in front of complete strangers seems like a great idea to pursue!

    • “but I can’t help but to feel that society has instilled the idea, “Nudity is Bad,” is the reason why I think it seems like a crazy idea.”

      And the hammer hits the nail.

  2. I did indeed say that “Wreck Beach was mad fun yesterday…” but I did not express why it was fun. It was partly about drinking alcohol with a group of my friends, who were all naked. It was partly because we did secretly scope out each others bodies and embrace it without judging eyes or minds because we knew the person inside of those bodies of exposed flesh and the beauty of that individual. When it comes down to it I personally had the most fun because I exposed myself for the first time in front of friends and strangers. I didn’t feel like judging eyes were going to be looking at me, or even anyones eyes at all.

    I don’t know how other nude beaches are in the world, but Wreck Beach is more of a community or people who want a nice, safe, friendly, loving, place to go. It’s sands are filled with many different types of people, from new school hippies, to old school hippies who have been going to that beach for decades, to natives who try to keep a certain level of peace on the beach, to college students, to ravers in their little circle of friends listening to tunes and dancing with each other, to people who just enjoy drinking some booze or smoking a few J’s, to small families of mother, father and child.

    Wreck beach, if you allow yourself to open up to it, is a place of overwhelming acceptance to not only the human body, but to the individual. I felt more empowered as an individual when I left that beach because I felt like I shed a layer of skin. The layer of the every day women who must conform slightly to what is good or bad in the eyes of society. I didn’t feel fear to let the sun hit my skin, nor did I feel fear to let anyone see my naked body, because I knew, no one was truly paying attention, and if they were paying attention, they were admiring the beauty and not in a pervy way. I love Wreck beach because of the experience it gave me and the experiences it will continue to bring me. It’s a community of like minded individuals who just want to enjoy the sun, some brews, maybe some drugs, new people, and most importantly, the skin they’re in.

  3. Thanks for all the info Rochelle. Sounds like a really cool spot to check out – Seattle and Vancouver are two places I hope to visit over the next year – but maybe now I’ll wait til next summer!

  4. all I can say is….whats the point of going to a nude beach if you aren’t allowed to look???

  5. what pickles me about nudism is the no sex policy. it’s not an issue of being a creep. it’s that the human body is arousing and failing to acknowlege that openly defeats the nature of nudity. is an overview of etiquette offered?

  6. I LOL’d at the girl in the sombrero. If you are so self-conscious about your body, sweetie, then why the fuck are you going to a nude beach? Duh!

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