Philadelphia America's Second Dirtiest City (Congrats!)

I have spent the morning doing a write-up on Searsucker – a place we had a great meal at on Saturday night in San Diego.  The review is all done – I am just waiting on some photos to complement the writing.

Besides that, I’ve been unpacking and doing laundry, very aware of how beautiful the weather is outside and how much I don’t want to be inside right now – especially considering I will be flying straight into a heat wave on Thursday morning.

I will get some sun eventually, but for now I have more work to do.

I think I’ll write some fiction later, too.  On the way to Los Angeles after the San Diego Brew Fest, I was busy in the back seat, making some notes and writing a few scenes – hopefully I can turn them into something that makes me smile.  As a writer, it is always exciting to know you have something waiting for you – words on the page stomping their feet and demanding attention.

Yours truly coming out of Trattoria Prima Donna in 2007 - a nice Italian BYOB in Center City, Philadelphia.

Other news:

Philly, my first major destination this weekend, was just named America’s Second Dirtiest City.  I grew up about thirty minutes from downtown – and I did my graduate work at Temple in North Philly – so I can pretty much attest to how correct this ranking is. Honestly, my overall distaste for the city might have been what prompted me to move to California. Let’s be honest, though – there are good places to be found, even in the worst of places, and I have several spots I am excited to hit. The BYOB restaurants in Philly were a life-saver when I was in school and didn’t mind drinking $2 bottles of wine (seriously).

The photos from San Diego are now available in the Travel Photos section. I am going to archive all the stories from the trip tonight and tomorrow (so they will be easily accessible under Travel Stories).

I should probably get my sister and her fiance an engagement present, considering how much fun I’m going to have at their party on Saturday in Mickleton, New Jersey.  Unfortunately, I am one of the worst gift givers currently alive (one year I gave my neighbor a 12-pack of Diet Coke for Christmas).

Luckily, I’ve known her (my neighbor) since birth, so she’s been kind enough to give me a few free passes.



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