Baltimore: Photos of Inner Harbor, Vodka Shakeup

Awesome day at Inner Harbor – it’s really beautiful here.

I only wish it was a little bigger – I like what I see, but I want more (it would also be nice if a breeze would blow once in a while – you can feel the sun burning your skin).

Lunch at McCormick and Schmick’s was a great time. Full story to come – both good and ‘eh’ food experiences – but I enjoyed the hell out of some fresh-shucked oysters, and the restaurant is right on the water. If you let a mediocre dish here and there spoil your mood, you might never be happy (remind me to do a column about mediocre restaurants… I mean, could there be more?).

After lunch, we walked along the harbor and took in the sights of the skyline, the sounds of the kids wandering the waters in paddle boats, and the historic buildings that add character (see photo below of Power Plant Live).

It seems like every time I turn around we’re near a different museum, and I hear the National Aquarium is worth the visit (no time this trip, though). And there are so many restaurants in this area, both local and chain (we have unofficially decided that today is solely dedicated to eating and drinking).

Oh – FYI – my vodka rankings are about to be all shook up after I did a little tasting of Ciroc today (I am going to order one tonight and get the official verdict). Our bartender today at McCormick and Schmick’s told us that Ciroc is not actually a vodka because it’s made with grapes instead of grain. However, it says vodka right on the bottle, so to hell with the bartender.

I hate to visit a city and eat at a chain restaurant, but that’s all right – it’s not like we’re going to McDonald’s – dinner tonight is at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse.

Seafood for lunch, steak for dinner?


View from the Marriott of Inner Harbor.

Power Plant


My Hotel (Waterfront Marriott)

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