Marriott Tries to Pull One Over on Wake and Wander

It’s weird.

I don’t mean for this to sound obnoxious, but my heart always breaks a bit when I realize I’m in a place where there won’t be a sunset – that all I’ll be able to see are the colors in the sky change as it slowly fades to black.

View from our "non-harbor-view" room at the Waterfront Marriott.

I have to be honest though – the colors in Baltimore impressed me last night, framing a view of the city and shining some light on what attracts people to live here, what inspires the local artists and writers and singers. See the pictures below.

A few things about the Waterfront Marriott:

Great views, excellent location if you want to dine, shop, catch an Orioles game, explore museums – but you pay for it: Rooms are between $300-$400 a night.

If you decide to stay, remember you are paying for the location – not the amenities. See picture of the room below – it looks like a thousand other rooms I’ve stayed in, although the beds are extremely comfy (I slept in til nine-thirty today – pretty much unheard of these days).

They have a coffee maker in the room with disposable cups, but the lids don’t fit the cup! I swear if I spill this cup of coffee and ruin my computer again…

When we checked in we asked about a harbor-view room, and they tried to upgrade us for $40 a night. We said no, yet as you can see, we still have a nice view, although I guess it’s technically not a harbor view?

Which I have to add pisses me off – the girl at the counter could have acted like a human being and whispered that there was no need for us to upgrade – that the room we were in had a fantastic view – but instead she chose to be a corporate pawn.

It reminds me of my days at Enterprise Rent-A-Car when we were asked to lie to customers who didn’t know any better.

Those memoirs are in progress, FYI – I have some great stuff about the year I spent working there – most of it from my final months of employment when I would write every morning from 7 to 10:30, then rent cars from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Santa Barbara Airport location.

Although I believe they have a rule in the employment contract that prevents me from publishing anything until I’ve been out of the company for seven years or something… the clock is ticking. (Does this count as writing about it?)

Anyway, that poor girl at the desk. My hope is that one day these people will realize we’re all on the same team – that there’s room for both profits and honesty.

Wake and Wander 1, Marriott 0.

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