Notes from U.S. Air Flight (Santa Barbara to Phoenix)

I was looking through my notebook yesterday on the way home from Baltimore and found this semi-coherent scribble:

The flight attendant on my flight is pretty funny.

For years, I have wondered why airlines continue to torture us with pre-flight lectures.

Ask us to review the safety card, sure – but instruct us on how to buckle the seat belt?

I’ve been waiting for a flight attendant that’s ballsy enough to poke fun at how ridiculous parts of the pre-flight spiel is – and I finally got one today. The man was cracking jokes the whole way, asking us if we were “with him” after inserting the flat side into the metal buckle.

FYI – U.S. Air has terrible coffee, but I had two cups anyway.

Other notes:

I got my first ever pat down today at the airport. Painless – took about three minutes or so – but I wish they would have let me put my belt back on first (I’ve lost weight).

Santa Barbara is building a new airport – it’s coming along rather nicely.

U.S. Air has nice legroom. I saw one man with his right heel on his left knee.

The great thing about writing online is that you can fix typos after the fact.

Beautiful sunrise this morning – and the flight from SB to PHX is nice because you fly over rocky canyons and mountains.

I’m not sure what my plan was for this piece – sometimes I just talk to myself on the page, especially if I’m bored on a flight and the person next to me doesn’t want to chat.

What can I say? I’m a weird guy – but there’s some good stuff in there somewhere.

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