All Right, I Feel Better (New York Bound)

I woke up this morning feeling great after a (boring) couch day yesterday, and I am excited to get on with my trip to the Big Apple.

My friend is without a cell phone currently, so he said when I arrive in the city I should buzz his apartment.

I thought that only happened on Seinfeld, but I will give it a shot – I’m all about turning off the cell phone and going old school.

As far as the plan, it’s up the in air – but I honestly do not care, considering there was a point yesterday when I almost canceled the entire trip.

Tomorrow night I head back to Philadelphia for another visit.


  1. Must have been some pretty valid reasoning as to why Wake and Wander almost considered not Wandering. If it’s any consolation, when you get back to Santa Barbara, you will simply just be shocked with how things look! I promise you that!

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