Baltimore: Yuengling Not as Good As I Remember

I had a little bit of Pennsylvania pride for Yuengling Lager when I moved to California.

It’s a staple in the Philadelphia area where I grew up, and it was the first beer I drank in high school when I visited a friend’s older brother at Villanova and went to a college party.

I carried a high opinion of it until I tried it in Baltimore last week – it did not impress.

The first thought when I took a sip: My memory is awful.

To be fair, it was the first time I’ve tried it on tap (always bottled in the past), but it tasted very carbonated and left my mouth dry in a smack-your-tongue-against-the-roof-of-your-mouth sort of way.

Perhaps I had always been hanging on to those memories – the taste of the beer reminding me of that first experience with alcohol as a young man.

Verdict: If you’re on the East Coast and see it offered in a bottle, it’s worth a shot, but temper your expectations.

Side note: Does it annoy anyone else that you have to enter your birthday before you are granted access to boozed-based website?

This is what really baffles me about the world. Obviously, it’s not stopping kids from entering the site – anyone who can add can pass that test.  In a world where everything is someone else’s fault, common sense seems to cease to exist.

Wager: If you can show me one underage person who has ever developed an alcohol problem because they visited a website, I’ll skydive naked this Saturday.

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