Jumping Out of a Plane on Saturday (Again)

I had the time of my life in April when we went skydiving for the first time (read about it here), and they offered us a discount to come back – so this Saturday a group of us will take the ultimate leap of faith.

It’s cool to be on the other side of it – to be going with people who haven’t been before.

I remember very clearly how I felt that entire day, both before and after, and I am excited that my friends get to enjoy something that put such a large smile on my face.

It’s a busy week up until then – filled with both work and wandering (Philly today, dinner by the river tonight in NJ).

I am far from finished my coverage of this East Coast trip – I still have things to say (Ocean City, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and New Jersey, as well as some wine and booze recommendations).

Those will filter out this week as well as next. I go back to Santa Barbara on Thursday, and after the weekend I’ll have a few days to catch up and tie up all the loose ends (assuming my parachute opens).

I still have to figure out if I’m going to Las Vegas on August 19th.

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