Photos: Where I Would Live in Philadelphia

Despite the fact that Philadelphia was tagged as America’s Second Dirtiest City, I have sort of developed a soft spot in my heart for the Eastern part of the city (Penn’s Landing area, just beyond Old City) that rests beside the Delaware River.

I spent a lot of time at Temple from 2007 to 2009, and the experience sort of soured me on North Philly. It was dirty, mundane, and, at times, unfriendly (my car was broken into a block from campus between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. – seriously, how does that happen?).

During that time I dated a girl who lived in Center City – and although there were lots of nice places to eat and drink, the same uneasy feeling ran through my body as I walked the streets. I remember I used to walk to the outside of the curb as I approached each alley, on guard in case someone wanted to step out and surprise me.

You could call me paranoid, but I think a lot of city dwellers will tell you that strolling along the concrete city blocks at night is no walk in the park.

I don’t have any statistics for you regarding the safety in each area of the city – although I can tell you that, in general, I feel much more comfortable in Old City and along the waterfront than in most other parts.

And how could I not with these views?  Props to my friend Brian for letting me invade his condo at Pier 3 – we had a classic summer evening on Sunday: beers and conversation at the edge of the pier, watching the weather patterns change and a thunderstorm roll in from the east.

Amanda and I tried our best to cook a pepperoni Stromboli, but as it turns out she is a terrible cook.



    • those are views from the patio at the end of the pier (you can only access it if you live in the condos).

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