Calm Before the Storm: Entrance to New York City

I never thought I’d say this, but the drive from New Jersey to New York City really impressed me.

Another thing I thought I’d never say: It was great to hit traffic on the Manhattan Bridge.

Granted, I wasn’t in a rush – I had all the windows down and my shoes off and my elbow out in the sunshine – but it’s hard to believe that anyone, rush or no rush, could be ignorant of the beautiful views of the NYC skyline. I saw the Statue of Liberty in the distance at one point (see photo below). Pretty neat.

My appreciation of the traffic was two-fold: a look at the views and a break from the hectic driving.

I’ve always been a little overwhelmed by the rat-race pace of New York – I found myself power walking to keep up with my friends (apparently you can tell who is a tourist by how fast they walk).

And the roads are even more insane – I felt like I couldn’t get out of people’s way fast enough.

FYI I have driven approximately 150,000 miles (or more) since I got my license nine years ago, so I’m no chump behind the wheel.

I was happy to arrive at my destination on the Lower East Side and head over to check out the High Line, but I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to the country’s largest city.

P.S. I am getting pretty good at taking pictures while driving. It’s got to be illegal, no?


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