New York City Does My Wallet Dirty

I’ve never seen money disappear like it does in New York City.

For example, we sat down at A Casa Fox and had two pitchers of bad, juicy sangria, and the bill came to $56 (three people, not including tip).

You might ask why we had two pitchers if it was so bad.

Good question – we were waiting on someone (who never showed), and we all shrugged our shoulders when the waiter asked if we wanted another, and so it came.

That’s how the whole trip went – I got a little for a lot and wondered why the hell mediocrity was so expensive (and tolerated).

I am sure there are deals to be found, but I was traveling with locals and I still got my wallet rocked. Another reason I could never live in New York City: If you aren’t spending money, what are you doing?

Maybe visiting Central Park (story coming) or the High Line, but sitting in a park in the middle of the city will only entertain you for so long. And what about the winter months?  Holy depression.

FYI I think the subway is still the best bargain in town: $2.25 will get you anywhere in the city.

Establishments I visited:

A Casa Fox: Located at 173 Orchard Street, this place serves $26 pitchers of bad sangria. Enjoy! (We did not eat.)

Taqueria (198 Orchard Street): Actually, not bad Mexican food for New York City.  Don’t expect the same quality you’d get in San Diego, but the tacos are cheap ($2-$3) and they have a nice bite.  It’s a good place to stop in for a margarita (decent!) and a couple tacos (after work, perhaps?).

Cafe Orlin: This one is located in the East Village (41 St. Marks Place) and would be easy to walk by, but once you are inside it is quite pleasant – very much a cafe-type setting. I had a martini and my friend had a mojito – a nice spot to pop in on a hot day.  My friend said the food is good, although once again I did not sample.

I am beginning to realize how little I ate on my trip to New York – which now seems foolish, considering how many good restaurants there are.

To be fair, though, it was really hot and eating was the last thing on my mind, and of course you cannot do a city in one trip – let alone a one-day trip – so I suppose another visit is in order.

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