Dessert for Dinner: Duff Dares to Step Out on Rodeo Drive

I saw Duff Goldman last night at the TASTE event, Dessert After Dark.

Duff Goldman

He was at the booth of Drunken Udder Ice Cream, chatting it up with the vendors and talking about the alcohol-infused treat.

The Bourbon Salted Caramel was really good, and now I’m wondering: How long until the first lawsuit?

It’s the next big breaking news debate: Which is poses a bigger threat to our children? Alcohol in Ice Cream or Toys in Happy Meals? The answer coming up next.

These were my thoughts as I stood behind Duff, and I must say he took a really long time – I was right behind him waiting – and I noticed he had two security guards watching his back, obviously assigned to keep him safe.

I couldn’t resist, and I laughed and said to the security guard, “Are you serious? You have to flank Duff all night?”

Duff's Cake.

They were two young guys, not much older than I, and they laughed and shook their heads. I knew what they wanted to say, but they did not say it (smart boys).

Come on, Duff, you’re on Rodeo Drive buddy. And you’re a pastry chef.

I think you’ll be all right!


Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches was my favorite of the evening – I had a Double Chocolate Cookie with Sea Salt over top of White Russian ice cream. The salt/sweet combo was a party in my mouth. They are working on getting a storefront. For now, track down the truck in Los Angeles, Austin, or NYC!

Best house-made Limoncello of the night goes to Whist Restaurant at the Viceroy Hotel. It looks like a beautiful restaurant – complete with cabanas.

The Strawberry Buttermilk Fonut was delicious – the chocolate hazelnut not so much. Seems like it will be hit or miss with these new creations – they are all wheat/gluten free and baked instead of fried. Those are good things that can be bad for flavor.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills had a long line all night, and I came to find out it was for good reason. They have an excellent selection and all I had to do was walk up and tell them what I was drinking, and they did the rest to set me up with a good pairing. Keep your local cheese shop in mind for the next gathering – nothing wrong with a table full of meats and cheeses and crackers and wine.

Final TASTE event in an hour – Picnic in the Hills – I wonder how many body guards Giada will have?


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