Meet and Greet With Giada Tops Off TASTE Weekend

I got back to Santa Barbara last night in time to catch up with some friends over a drink, but that’s about all I had in the tank after a hot (although enjoyable) day at Picnic in the Hills.

I had the opportunity to meet Giada and I jumped on it – she was nice and friendly and seemed like a genuine person. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I actually believe she appreciated our interaction. Luckily, I got to her before the sweat had completely soaked into my undershirt – that wouldn’t have been the first impression I wanted to leave.

Seriously, it was hot and humid in Beverly Hills, and the most popular item seemed to be the hand-held flat fans the TASTE was passing out.

I had a handful of rum and ginger sodas again to beat the heat – I’m telling you, this is the new hot-day highball. The representative from Gosling’s told me the ginger beer will be available at BevMo in the next thirty days – keep an eye out.

I still have more coverage to come of TASTE – impressive food/drink items and my personal recommendations and final thoughts on the four-day feast.

But right now I have to put in some hours so I can keep the lights on.

Debi Mazar from Entourage.

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