Lizard’s Mouth: Wake and Wander Takes a Chill Pill

Turns out, my hike to Inspiration Point a few weeks ago with friends has snowballed, and since we have gone on some sort of hike every week.

Photo courtesy Kathy Holland.

I haven’t yet written about our adventure on Cold Spring Trail – and I will – but last night was exactly what I needed and I want to talk about it.

Having stuffed my face at the TASTE, I have been itching to get out into nature and the mountain air. We chose a rather simple hike called Lizard’s Mouth that leads to a mountainside stacked with boulders, offering opportunities for rock climbing, bouldering, or a place to sit and take in the spectacular views.

We drank red wine and watched the sun go down, the lighting on the side of the hills of Santa Barbara changing, the shadows gradually growing. It wasn’t the toughest workout in the world, but sometimes a deep breath and a view can clean out more than any amount of exercise.

We waited until it was almost dark before departing, weaving our way in between the boulders on the path. I was climbing on top of them – I can’t help myself – watching the pleasant, warm evening transition into a comfortable evening, the moon glowing brighter and the streetlights turning on in Santa Barbara.

Here are the directions to Lizard’s Mouth. I highly recommend this type of adventure – get a group together and get out there before the time changes (whether it’s Lizard’s Mouth or your local lookout).

Check out these photos. For more, visit Wake and Wander on Facebook.

Photo courtesy Kathy Holland.

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