Barcelo Bavaro Palace: There's a Jacuzzi on My Balcony

I arrived at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace this afternoon after a long night of flying.

It’s all good – I enjoyed the trip – but imagine the smile on my face when I opened my hotel door and saw there was a Jacuzzi out on the balcony, overlooking the palm trees.

It’s my favorite part of traveling – opening that hotel door for the first time – you never know what the hell is on the other side.

I’m on three hours sleep, so I think I’m going to get the blood flowing, go check out the hotel and grab a swim in the Caribbean before dinner.

Tonight, we’re eating at La Fuente (Spanish tapas), which is right on-site at Barcelo.

Another thing that brings a smile to my face: All-inclusive resorts.

Sometimes the food suffers at these types of resorts and sometimes it shines – and I will certainly let you know – yet I think we can all agree that it completely rocks when you don’t have to take your wallet out for every drink purchase.



  1. That place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You’re right though, there is something rather appealing about an all-inclusive resort. It’s much nicer to drink “for free” instead of thinking about how much your alcoholism is pinching your wallet.

    The green paint on the bedroom walls is sweet. I love bright colors! I would totally dig visiting that place. I also like how the Jacuzzi is huge. I bet their water bill is the highest its ever been!

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