Dominican Rum: Hair of the Dog Anyone?

I’ll be honest: I needed a coffee and a Hair of the Dog this morning.

I got involved with some delicious rum last night, two kinds: Barcelo Anejo and Barcelo Imperial (oddly enough the hotel owners and rum makers are not the same people – just the same last name).

I drank them both on the rocks – the Imperial has much more flavor and spice, but I really enjoyed both. I am told they are not available in the states, but America is the land of opportunity and BevMo and Total Wine are man’s gift to himself, so we’ll see about that.

Dinner was nice at La Fuente – we literally ordered every tapa on the menu – and then I dug into some paella with chicken, pork, calms, and oysters. I backed it up with a Tarta Reina (Queen Tart). The chocolate/strawberry combo is a classic, and it was a really light desert, perfect for the hot weather (photos below).

After, we hung out at the hotel. I made ten dollars off a fellow journalist by walking through a fountain with all my clothes on (photo below), and then we checked out the discoteca.

The Caribbean vibe is in full effect – it’s not just the humidity that’s relaxing my muscles. There’s water flowing all over the place, and the palms and the sea are soothing all of Wake and Wander’s worries.

I’ll post photos later when I have more time – it truly is beautiful here. I just checked out the presidential suite – and believe it or not, for what you get, the $2,000/night price tag is pretty reasonable (I’ll tell you about it later).

We are having lunch soon, and then I’m going outside.

Here are some photos, and I’ve posted more on Facebook:

Tarta Reina
Paella at La Fuente.
We had a good time.



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