Wake and Wander Commits Infidelity in the DR

We received some special treatment yesterday at La Cava (on-site at Barcelo) – we ate a four-course feast in a beautiful room, the wall on one side a wine cellar, the other a view of the Caribbean.

Someone said it and it stuck with me – it’s the colors here that really jump out at you, so vivid and contrasting, the white sand and blue-green water, the green of the palm leaves and the brown of the tough trunks, the decor of the hotel. Even the walls in my room are bright green – it makes it tough to run out of energy.

I’m trying my best, though – last night I found myself in the ocean at three in the morning. I saw a side of this place I hadn’t the first night – I really took in the peaceful evening. The humidity had dropped and the breeze was passing through, the moon glowing, and it was a warm evening and the sort that you didn’t want to fade. I was floating in the comfortable water, relaxing and looking up at the stars.

These are the things that traveling is all about, tackling things you dream about, things you whisper to yourself that you’d like to do. It’s hard to put those feelings into words – the feeling of being content. Sometimes you just have to get out there and feel it.

It’s like a photo of the Grand Canyon –  it doesn’t do it justice.

But back to the meal: Cappuccino Lobster Soup. I like lobster and I like coffee, but I’ve never been a big fan of lobster in soup form. That said, standing applause – awesome creativity. I’ve never seen the flavors combined and it was tasty, although as noted my personal preferences prevented me from eating the whole cup. Lobster fans, fear not – proceed with confidence.

Coming full circle back to the idea of this place being visually stimulating – it all starts with the food. Every dish I’ve been served here has been beautifully thought out, and I really like that concept because it means the chef is into it, he’s thinking about it, constantly evolving the dishes.

The steak was nicely cooked and delicious, yet I found myself once again most impressed by the details – a chocolate sauce was spread on the plate, and it was served with a dried banana chip.

Steak, chocolate, banana. I’m telling you – it worked. There was also a roasted red pepper sauce on the plate, but it was not my cup of tea. It was generous though to put the two sauces on the plate – let us decide, I say – and there was also gravy in a small bread bowl to accompany the potatoes. It’s a pretty safe bet that most people would enjoy at least one of the three, if not all of them.

I like it – good work Barcelo.

I think my parents would be proud: I behaved myself last night and stuck to beer after the previous night’s rendezvous with Barcelo Rum. Presidente is the only one they offer, yet it seems to work pretty well. It’s smooth and easy-drinking in the heat and light enough to drink all day. Try it out on the next hot day you encounter.

Let’s not get it twisted kids – as I said I was a good boy last night and the late night dip in the ocean should not coax naughty thoughts. There is a nice group of writers here, all of us simply wanting to take it all in, experience it all.

That said, Lolita might be a little ticked – I sort of cheated on her when I sailed my heart out yesterday on a Sunfish, taking in the view of the land from the sea.

It’s an amazing perspective and I wanted to share it, so today I am going to captain a catamaran and take my new friends out for a spin. I think we’re going to pack some beers, throw on the sunblock, and try to find a remote place to beach the boat.

Later, I am getting a massage at the spa.

I better not get a sunburn – that would be awfully uncomfortable.

Lobster Cappuccino Soup
Shrimp appetizer.
The view from La Cava.

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  1. Beautiful place, Will. Great gourmet food choices too. I’d like to hear more description about your starry night swim. That is if you have time when you’re not eating or sailing!

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