San Francisco Journey to Begin with Highway One Drive

Tomorrow morning, I’ll leave as the sun rises and hit the road for San Francisco.

I’ve been to the city before – I spent a half day wandering around the wharf about two years ago – but for the sake of argument, this will be a completely new experience for me.

It all starts with the drive: I am going to take the plunge and cruise up the coastal highway (Route 1). People tell me this route can take almost eight hours from Santa Barbara to San Francisco – yet everyone follows that up with how incredible the drive is, how many sites you are able to take in along the way: the spectacular Central Coast, Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and finally Pacifica before entering the beautiful city by the bay.

I don’t really care how long it takes – I’m stopping frequently. It wouldn’t make sense to take the long way and skip things.

Once I arrive tomorrow evening, I will make my initial home at Hotel Nikko for a few nights. Then I’m moving.


I don’t know – why not?

My anticipated route:

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