Local Dilemma: San Francisco Trolley Cars Friend or Foe?

I did a bit of urban hiking today in San Francisco, walking from Hotel Nikko in Union Square up to Nob Hill and back.

It sure was uphill – there’s no joking around there – but I really enjoyed it.

When I say urban hiking I’m not being an ass – all the photos below were taken by me today, simply standing on a street corner or hanging out in a park.

I had a beer at the Hydeout and a lamb burger at Nob Hill Grille – both great spots. I can’t spill the beans on them yet, though – you’ll be able to read all about the day in my feature stories for GoNOMAD and famtripper.com.

If you are going to San Francisco in the near future – aka before the articles come out – shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you the details. This is a fabulous way to see the city – every block provides a different breathtaking view (and you can always drive up the hill and park closer to the top if all the walking doesn’t agree with you).

One thing I will say about Nob Hill Grille: My server, Grace, told me all about the trolley car debate.

The good: They look nice and add tons of character to the city streets. I’ve never done it, but Grace said it’s pretty fun to ride – hanging off the side on warm afternoons.

The problems: It’s six dollars to ride and stops in the middle of intersections to pick up passengers, holding up traffic in all directions and driving locals crazy.

I feel like I have to ride one, though. Maybe down the hill – a roller coaster with a view, if you will.

Again, these were all taken from street corners or city parks:

Bay Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Where I put my feet up today.

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