Golden Gate and Sausalito: My Camera Loves San Fran

Yesterday morning we left Hotel Nikko in Union Square and moved to the Hilton in Fisherman’s Wharf.

The drive was so much fun – I climbed up and back down Taylor Street, which the cab driver told me last night is the steepest street in the city.

There were some points where the car was so vertical coming up the hill that when it crested I was completely blind as to where I was going – the hood was angled up and all I could see was the sky.

And you have unbelievable views the entire way – I was essentially driving the same route as the urban hike Friday – each block providing a new perspective.

Room at Hotel Nikko (Union Square).

Hotel Nikko was a nice spot – they have a very comfortable lobby bar and excellent Wolfgang Puck coffee in the room (whereas this morning at the Hilton I feel like I’m drinking coffee-flavored tea). The room at Nikko was more spacious and visually pleasing than the Hilton as well. I’ll have more on the hotels in my feature articles, but feel free to contact me if you have questions in the meantime.

After the move we met up with some friends and caravanned over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito – pretty amazing. We had lunch on the water at Horizons, and I looked into some other dining options (which I will tell you about later).

I’m not sure how locals live in Sausalito. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a cute town with what some consider the best views of San Francisco and the bay – but I found it to be very crowded and whatever character and quaint feelings it evoked were quickly squashed by the floods of people.

Now there are galleries and shopping and wine tasting – and we had fun drinking red wine – but a few hours is more than enough (half-day adventure). You can bike or walk over the bridge, too, which I still need to investigate further.

As usual the photos speak for themselves – looking through them now I am simply amazed. It’s only a bridge, but I could sit and stare at it all day. It’s one of those things, man – call it what you want – I love experiences that once seemed so foreign, so other side of the country, so Hollywood (San Fran’s portrayal in Full House, for example).

Look at the depth in the pictures – hard to believe they were taken at 60mph, one-handed out of my sunroof (I’m getting pretty good at that).

Salmon Sandwich at Horizons in Sausalito.

View from the outdoor patio at Horizons.
Patio at Horizons. Photo courtesy Horizons.

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