Eagle Island: Catching Up With Those Baby Gators

There are two baby alligators that live in the pond beside Eagle Lodge.

I’ve seen them resting on the side of the water a few times this week, but I was the victim of bad timing, bad lighting, and a bunch of other excuses.

Not true this morning, however. Before we hit the water and boated over to a private beach on Sapelo Island (where I did something I’ve always wanted to do… story coming), I was able to snap a few photos of the little gators.

It’s simply another perk of bunking up in the middle of nowhere – you are surrounded by wildlife. Gators, dolphins, wild pigs, otters – it’s pretty cool. There is a walking path around the lodge where it gets even more remote (and you encounter much of the wildlife).

Owner Andy Hill is a good man – he went as far as to set up a fireplace and a hammock along this path, about a quarter mile from the house on the bank of the river, under the trees.

Pop quiz: Can you find the two gators in the last picture?

The pond where the gators live.
Fireplace/hammock combo in the woods.

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