Wake and Wander Returns to Nassau (Minus the Vomit)

I’ve been to Nassau once before – I must have been ten or eleven – when our cruise ship was redirected from Bermuda to the Bahamas due to a hurricane.

Hopefully I get a chance to sail in the Caribbean.

That was an interesting trip, especially when we were going through the storm swells. I remember getting seasick and vomiting in my dinner plate, then being confined to my room for a day. I remember trying to walk down the hallway and getting tossed side to side, ribs to the wall.

The weather looks clear this time, I should be fine. I head off to the Caribbean tomorrow (via airplane) for a few days, spending the first two nights in Nassau at the British Colonial Hilton.

The second two nights will be on the island of Great Exuma – seems like an incredible place. It’s the largest of 360 islands that make up the Exuma District, and the Tropic of Cancer runs across a beach near the capital, George Town (I’ll be staying at Hideaways at Palm Beach Bay Resort).

Here are a few photos of the first stop in Nassau:

British Colonial Hilton, Nassau
Gardens at British Colonial Hilton
British Colonial Hilton, Nassau
Nassau off the coast of Florida.

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