End of November Adventure: Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop, getting a little writing done.

On one hand I feel like a giant cliche, but on the other this Chai Tea Latte is delicious (although I said Tai Chi Latte like a dumbass when ordering).

Hemingway walked to cafes in Paris, Will McGough walks to coffee shops in strip malls – yikes.

Click to see where Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo are located.

Anyway, I just received an e-mail confirming my trip to Mexico at the end of this month – I’ll be checking out the Barcelo properties in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Recently, I stayed (and had a great time) at the Barcelos in Punta Cana and Los Cabos (by the way I haven’t forgotten: My final thoughts on Cabo are coming soon).

I’ll be traveling with a few friends – three of them – and I think we’re going to have an awfully nice time. More details to come as the trip approaches – we depart the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Hope you kids like to eat – check out these dining areas:

Barcelo Puerto Vallarta
Barcelo Puerto Vallarta
Karmina Palace Deluxe (Manzanillo)
Karmina Palace Deluxe (Manzanillo)
Karmina Palace Deluxe (Manzanillo)
Karmina Palace Deluxe (Manzanillo)

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