Breakfast Table Convo: $17,000 Booze and Cruise News

Seems like a rather mild day in many parts of the country – hope you’re out and about and enjoying yourself (I’m going to lunch in a few to say some goodbyes).

Here are a few headlines to chat about over the weekend as you wander:

  • A “mystery buyer” spent $17,000 on a bottle of Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old Single Malt. It’s one of only six bottles available in the United States. I’d imagine it’s pretty good, and that whoever bought it has one hell of a special occasion coming up (or not).

  • A couple was kicked off a Celebrity cruise ship in St. Kitt’s after “they were caught with marijuana in their cabin.” I’m good with the fines and the policies, but removing them from the ship seems a bit excessive, no? I’ve literally seen a person vomit over the edge of a cruise ship without consequence (alcohol), but I suppose that difference in enforcement should not surprise me.


    • I hear it, and definitely understand why it was handled the way it was in terms of all the legal jazz. I was only pointing out the irony in the situation.

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