Barcelo Puerto Vallarta: Favorable First Impressions

We had one of those “airline experiences” yesterday – a warning light forced us to return to the gate in Phoenix about ten-minutes after takeoff (this also happened on a recent flight from Nassau to Exuma).

Barcelo Puerto Vallarta

Turns out it was a problem with the cargo door – at least that’s what they told us – and the whole ordeal ended up setting us back about an hour and a half.

That was frustrating – but I’ve got to give props to U.S. Air. When the beverage service came and my friends and I ordered a drink, they bought our first round. A free 12-year Glenlivet – my pops would be proud – and I tip my hat to the airline for the gesture.

It’s an impressive property all tucked away here in a what feels like a private cove. The property is very lush and green, and up upon the cliffs on either side there are local dwellings – a great chance to catch some culture without wandering too far. The hotel shares the beach with some sort of local hangout – I shall investigate.


View of the Barcelo from further up the horseshoe cove.

Love the flowers.


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