Poolside Barcelo: Quisiera Una Cerveza Por Favor!

I don’t have much time to write currently – I’ve got to get cleaned up for dinner.

Some of the photos I took are too large to upload unless I edit them, and thus I can’t share my best shots with you.

These aren’t bad, though. The others will surface soon enough.

The bartender was an awfully nice guy – I spoke to him in Spanish and he spoke to me in English (throughout a number of conversations).

I asked my friend about the interaction – I wondered if he was showing respect by answering me in my language or if he had a passive aggressive way of telling me I’m a gringo.

I’m thinking the former, mostly because he seemed to like me. The man even took the initiative and paired a shot of tequila with the beers my friend and I ordered.

It is true: The best presents are those you haven’t asked for.



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